Super Duper Hero

Super Hero Portrait 2

Recommended age 4-10 years

Choose from our super hero’s: Batman or Spiderman

Your child will learn what it takes to be the greatest super hero! …..All little children are a super hero in disguise.

Oh gosh! Trouble in town some one needs a super hero to the rescue…..we have to go save them…

You must be kind and have courage to be a real superhero!

Let us do the hard work and get the party started!


  • Help to save the world with a great hunt for clues and save the day
  • Super hero theme games, classic and drama (parachute and props included)
  • Sports games and races to become strong and fit
  • Lollies for prizes
  • Basic face paint or tattoo
  • Certificate for becoming a great hero!
  • Hear the exciting stories of our super hero’s


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