Science with Professor Pots

Sunshine Party People party 12

Recommended age 5 to 10 years

The greatest way for children to learn and have fun it to get their hands dirty!! Spectacular science that will be fantastic fun. This is a very different unforgettable party with no mess stress or hassle.

Our Professor Pots will give you some great science experiments for you to choose from!!

We recommend 3 experiments per party.

All our experiments are safe and child friendly.

The Sunshine Party People will bring lots of energy and happiness to your special day!


  • Make your very own lava lamp
  • Make your very own volcano
  • Use food colouring and milk, see the fats separate and watch as the cool colours move around
  • Make your very own cool bubble snake machine
  • Make your very own scary spooky slime. Great Slimetastic fun!
  • Science theme games classic and drama
  • All children will receive a certificate for being a Fabulous Scientist!

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