Sunshine Party People party 12

Science with Professor Pots

Recommended age 5 – 10

The greatest way for children to learn and have fun it to get their hands dirty!! Spectacular science that will be fantastic fun.


Garden Fairy

Recommended age 1 – 10 years

Help Fern the Fairy fly again, follow her on an adventure through the garden and beyond. Look for clues in the magical fairy hunt.

Pirate Portrait

It’s a Pirate Life for me

Recommended age 4 – 9 years

Have your very own pirate come to your party where each child is taught to become a pirate of the high seas!

Chef Portrait


Recommended age 4 – 11 years

Children love to get there hands dirty and be creative!! As the great cooking is happening we talk to the children about the ingredients and where they are sourced from.

Super Hero Portrait 2

Super Duper Hero Party

Recommended age 4 – 10 years

Choose from our super hero’s… Oh gosh! Trouble in town some one needs a super hero, we must go save them.

Princess Portrait

Enchanted Princess Party

Recommended age 2 – 8 years

Become your favourite princess, look for clues in the great princess hunt and learn the princess promise.

Sporting Champion Portrait

Sporting Champion

Recommended age 4 – 12 years

From the moment the whistle blows we will become champions together by using team work, balance, logic and not forgetting our greatest cheering voice.

Pamper Portrait

Pamper Me

Recommended age 5 – 10 years

Our professional team will transform your child with our fantastic face art and glitter. Great for little princesses or grown up teen parties.

Model Portrait

Model School

Recommended age 8 – 16 years

No need to worry let the professionals take the stress away from your day with our amazing themed model school party.

Sunshine Party People party 9

Tiny Tots

Recommended age 1 – 4 years

Perfect for little toddlers who want to have fun playing child friendly party games. Let us make your child’s party that extra bit special.


Special needs or physical disability

Recommended age tiny tot – young adult

Whether your child has learning disabilities, autism, A.D.H.D, visual or hearing impairments, behavioural problems, or any other health impairments our team at Sunshine Party people will always go the extra mile to make your children’s day a extra special.

Sunshine Party People party 11

Face Painting

Book a face painter!!

Why not book one of our professional face painters for your event. Our team of amazing face painters can create anything from detailed to simple fast designs which can be tailored to suit your event. We only use the highest quality products which are skin safe, none toxic and FDA and EU approved. In addition to our face painting we also have a wide range of safe tattoos, glitter, gems and fabulous colourful hair sprays. Only $120 per hour. For a full day quote on request.